Our Process

Embracing the technology of today, but working on the core principles of which we were founded.

Lee Group Search team conversing at deskWhen The Lee Group was founded in 1971, text messaging, emails and LinkedIn weren’t available to recruiters. So we did it the only way we knew how – developed relationships.

Today, with the Lee Group Search team, we maximize the tools to connect people to companies and candidates to positions – like LinkedIn and emails. But the foundation of how we operate remains the same.

It’s about developing relationships.

Our process is how we differentiate ourselves. How we do what we do. The majority of recruiters out there get a job order, source some candidates and throw resumes together and are not involved. We develop a relationship with clients and candidates to make that perfect match.

We’re the dating service of recruitment.

  • Analysis. Define objectives and search strategy. First and foremost, we need to find out your needs for your company. What are you experiencing? What positions are you having the hardest time filling? What are your biggest pain points? Let’s talk about the things that aren’t on the job description but are important elements to filling your positions.
  • Recruiting & Networking. We source qualified candidates by casting a wide net and having the same deep level conversation with candidates as we do with companies.
  • In-Depth Screening and Personality Profiling. When we identify a potential candidate on paper for an open position, we dig deeper, learning their story to ensure they would be the right fit for a hiring manager. Why are they seeking a job change? Are they willing to move and able to move if needed? What’s their history?
  • Client Interview Scheduling, Client and Candidate Interview Preparation. To find the proper fit for a company and a candidate, you have to spend time getting to know each other.
  • Final Client Selection.
  • Offer Negotiation, including candidate relocation services.
  • Follow Up. Once an offer is accepted, we stay in touch well after the start date. This is about developing a long-term relationship, which leads to higher retention rates.